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Kia Tailgate Lighting Kit - 2021-2024 Sorento 66652ADX00

Kia Tailgate Lighting Kit - 2021-2024 Sorento 66652ADX00

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Transform your vehicles appearance and safety profile with Kias Tailgate Lighting Kit. This easy-to-install, high-performance lighting solution adds a practical and modern look to your vehicles hatch area. The LED trunk and tailgate lights come to life as soon as you open the tailgate. Enjoy perfect visibility inside and outside your trunk!

**Exceptional Brightness:** Equipped with high-intensity LED lights, this kit provides superior illumination.

**Weatherproof Design:** Crafted to withstand harsh weather conditions, our LED kit is water-resistant and robust, ensuring durability no matter the environment.

**Energy Efficient:** LEDs are known for their low power consumption, offering bright lighting without draining your vehicle\u2019s battery.

**Enhanced Safety:** Increases visibility at night, increasing safety for vehicle occupants.

Install not included.

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