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Kia Rear Cargo Tray - 2020-2024 Forte 5 M6H12AP000

Kia Rear Cargo Tray - 2020-2024 Forte 5 M6H12AP000

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Transform your vehicle's rear hatch space with our versatile and durable Rear Cargo Tray, the perfect solution for drivers seeking a practical way to protect their cargo area. This tray is a must-have for anyone who values cleanliness and efficiency in their vehicle.

- **Custom-Fit Design:** Tailored to snugly fit into your vehicle, Kia\u2019s cargo tray offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring maximum protection for your car\u2019s interior hatch area.

- **Heavy-Duty Material:** Made from high-quality, robust materials, this tray is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, protecting your vehicle from dirt, spills, and scratches.

- **Non-Slip Surface:** The tray's textured surface helps limit cargo from sliding around during transit, providing a secure environment for transporting everything from groceries to outdoor gear.

- **Easy to Clean:** Resistant to water and stains, the tray can be easily wiped down or rinsed off, making cleanup a breeze after any adventure.

- **Raised Edges:** Designed with raised sides to contain spills and debris, this feature ensures that your vehicle's interior remains pristine under all circumstances.
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