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Kia Hood Deflector - 2023-2025 Niro EV ATH24AP000

Kia Hood Deflector - 2023-2025 Niro EV ATH24AP000

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Kias hood deflectors, sometimes referred to as bug shields or bonnet guards, are the perfect solution for protecting your vehicle from road debris, insects, and stone chips. 

- **Optimal Protection:** Crafted from high-grade, impact-resistant materials, these hood guards provide unmatched durability. They are specifically designed to shield the leading edge of your vehicles hood, ensuring it remains free from scratches, chips and dents caused by road hazards.

- **Aerodynamic Design:** Enhance your cars aesthetics and functionality with our sleek, aerodynamic deflectors. 

- **Easy Installation:** Our hood protectors are engineered for a seamless fit on your Kia, to enhance its appearance and functionality. They come with all necessary hardware and can be installed easily, requiring no special tools or permanent modifications to your vehicle.

- **Maintenance and Longevity:** Designed for longevity, these deflectors are simple to clean and maintain, ensuring they look great for years to come.

Install not included.

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