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EVduty-50 EV Charger - Nema 14-50 Smart Home Station EVC40SMRTNema

EVduty-50 EV Charger - Nema 14-50 Smart Home Station EVC40SMRTNema

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The EVduty-50 is a level 2 Nema 14-50 home charging station which allows you to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid Kia.

NEMA 14-50P (stove outlet) allows you to move the charging station, which can be useful if you need to move it to another residence.
40 or 48 amperes.
Universal SAE J1772a.
Resistant to outdoors conditions like rain or snow (-40C to 40C).
Made in Canada.
5-year warranty (3 years on the cable and the connector).
Receptacle and wall bracket included.
Locking system to prevent theft.

EV load sharing with Wi-Fi connection.
Control access of the charging station through your smartphone.
Follow charging station statistics in real time and view your EV or PHEV charge.
View charging history: real electricity consumption and cost of charging are displayed in the app.
Start and stop a charging session on your smartphone.
Adjust the maximum output current of the charging station (from 8A to 48A).
EV charger load balancing between multiple stations.

Install not included. Please refer to a profession to have installed.

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